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The Andrews Business & Community Alliance (ABCA) consists of members of the business, civic, faith and public sectors whose goal is to provide advocacy and support for the mission at Joint Base Andrews, Naval Air Facility Washington (Formerly known the world over as Andrews Air Force Base, but changed as a result of BRAC 2005) while fostering successful economic and community relations between them. In an effort to save syllables, the working title for the Base will be Joint Base Andrews. As part of Joint Basing, the Naval installation support processes are combined into those of the Air Force to reduce duplication of effort and to achieve efficiencies through economies of scale.


11th Wing Commander Col. John Teichert (middle) begins the immersion for new Honorary Commanders at Joint Base Andrews alongside Roundtable and Alliance President/CEO M.H. Jim Estepp (right) at the July, 2017 event. Photo: Courtesy Joint Base Andrews

Andrews is the home of Air Force One and SAM FOX (Special Air Missions), and it also hosts more than 60 separate organizations, including the Air Force District of Washington (AFDW), the Air Force’s emergency response coordinator in the National Capital Region, the 89th Airlift Wing (The President’s Wing), as well as units from their Navy partners, and the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard. In addition, both the Army and Marine Corps have units on Andrews. The command of the Base is charged to the 11th Wing. The Base is also home to the 79th Medical Wing, serving as the command for the 779th Medical Group, including Malcolm Grow Hospital on the Base and links with the combined services medical system in the National Capital Region. The 11th and 79th Wings report directly to the Commander, Air Force District of Washington, in order to more efficiently protect our Nation’s Capital.

Also known as “The Gateway to the Nation’s Capital,” Andrews has seen kings, queens, heads of state, prime ministers and military leaders from over 50 nations fly on its aircraft and transit through the base over the last several years. Andrews is also the first stop in the United States for all military troops wounded on foreign soil. They are given emergency medical treatment and evaluated to determine whether the wounded need to be sent to a specialized treatment facility or can be moved to a hospital closer to home.

 Colonel John Teichert (middle) assumes command of the 11th Wing from Colonel Bradley Hoagland (right), officiated by Major General Darryl Burke (left). Photo: Courtesy Joint Base Andrews

Colonel John Teichert (middle) assumes command of the 11th Wing from Colonel Bradley Hoagland (right), officiated by Major General Darryl Burke (left). Photo: Courtesy Joint Base Andrews

Andrews Air Force Base was built over 60 years ago and, even with the name change, it is expected to continue as a mainstay in Prince George ‘s County, Maryland for years to come. It is home to 32,000 men and women who live or work there. The Base annually contributes nearly 1.2 billion dollars to the local economy and is one of the area’s largest employers. The ABCA ‘s interest is to advance economic development and improve the quality of life for residents of Prince George ‘s County and Andrews while supporting the nation’s defense. Therefore, it is imperative that Andrews continues as a major contributor to our economic vitality. In addition, we serve as a conduit that makes certain that local businesses have access to the considerable opportunities for commerce that Andrews makes available to the local community.

First Helicopter Squadron in Action

First Helicopter Squadron in Action

Joint Base Andrews, like all components of the Department of Defense, has to participate in an arduous process to ensure that their infrastructure and equipment remain viable. Your participation in the ABCA helps to bring about an awareness of the needs of our service men and women, thus ensuring that they have the best in materiel and facilities. As a County and as a Nation we call upon the Military to be prepared for war and peace. The ABCA exists to demonstrate our support to Joint Base Andrews and the thousands of men and women in the Air Force and Navy who are always on guard for us.

For More Information Contact: James R. Estepp at the Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable , Andrews Business & Community Alliance , (301)-860-0809 or by email at