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The Honorable Wayne K. Curry (January 6, 1951- July 2, 2014)

The Roundtable's Quality of Life Index is back

The Roundtable’s 2018 Edition of the Prince George’s Quality of Life Index is here. It was unveiled during The Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable’s 15th Anniversary Board Meeting on May 10, 2018. Click on the cover above for links to the data from 2018.

The Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable (GPGBR) is a non-profit, nonpartisan business alliance of Chief Executives, formed to improve our political, economic and community environments for a better Prince George’s County. GPGBR is led by a Board of Directors, composed of concerned and active business leaders from the county and region, whose companies employ nearly 60,000 people, helping to strengthen our county and the region.

Because we believe that deeds, not words, will make this county the jewel of the region, we have undertaken many missions designed to enhance the quality of life of our residents.

From our community forums to our Countywide Town Hall meetings on crime and education, and now, with the release of the brand new Roundtable Quality of Life Index, we continue to address the issues of most concern to the residents of the county.

This unique approach is one of the many reasons that the Roundtable is separate from other business organizations. We believe that business is more than just adjusting overhead or the bottom line. We believe that by giving of our time, our expertise and our inherent sense of altruism, we will help to bring about a better home for all Prince Georgian’s.

With our VisionFramework, we have provided our citizens a voice and in doing so created the ultimate look at what the future of Prince George’s County can become when we all work together with our future at stake. With our new Quality of Life Index, we can now gauge the progress the county is making toward that bright future.